The Woman I Am-Pursed Lips October 26, 2017

Hope you all don't mind my prattling lately. I have just been in a writing mood and instead of saying I should blog about that and don't...well...I have been.

It's Friday!

I hope you all have a good weekend planned. My goals are literally the same as last weekend. Technically we have no football this weekend as the FSU game is tonight at Boston College. I am surprised that they don't play today at 1p instead of Days of Our Lives, they are so bad. PS, do you ever look at your favorite soap operas?? The SAME PEOPLE are still there!

Joe Girardi is not returning to the Yankees next year. Honestly, bye Felicia....he never embodied the Yankee spirit, IMHO...Its hard to verbalize and listen, there will never be a Joe Torre (the grandfather I always wanted). But, he just had cold eyes. I am a weirdo, now you know. I need Derek Jeter to quit this Marlins nonsense and come home and be the manager. Please.

I am the woman I hated. My friend and I had an actual business lunch yesterday. We both have girls...Every is seven months old and I brought Lilly....we literally talked about being a mom the entire time. Who are we?? I think we went over about five minutes of business and then we spoke about everything mama in between. Goodness.

Speaking of which. Why are Moms so Mean? It keeps happening again and again. More on that later. But seriously....who are these women? I grew up here and have NO idea who the hell these mean girls are.

 This week, we attempted our holiday shoot for our card. Attempt. There is a special place in heaven for my photographer if she gets something out of this. About an hour before the shoot, Lillian decided to learn the duck lip kissy face pose and wouldn't stay in one place to save her life. She also was all jacked up on Mountain Dew the entire time, it was like she has never seen the outdoors. Fairly she doesn't go outside much. Don't believe me? Here you go (blurry because it is on her computer screen).

Enjoy your freaking weekend!

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Pursed Lips October 20, 2017


Howdy Ya'All! It's the freaking weekend! 


In Daytona, there is an event this weekend called Biketoberfest. It is exactly what you think it is. 100's and thousands of bikers of all shapes and sizes come and grace us with their loud unmuffled presence and allegedly dumps a ton of cash that now that I am in my (ahem) 40's I will never ever see. Back in the day, I took their money gracefully and gratefully as I handed them their Coors Light. Now, I am like...can I get the Iron Horse to deliver my steak tips? Please? It is only down the street. 

Stay safe, watch for Bikers is what we say, which is actually French for these assholes do not care that you are driving a two ton vehicle and they have no helmet on, they are gonna come and go as they please. #Merica 


So. Much. Pressure. I think I have decided that Lillian will be a cat. Because it looks cute, I can make a tutu to go with it and the headpiece portion of it is actually doable. By doable I mean last more than five minutes before she yanks them out. I have seen all these amazing costumes, but me the picture time stamped thirty minutes from when it was taken. No freaking way do any of those children look like that any time after when it was taken. Lillian is still a little young and I will just hope for the picture that I can post and then we can go home. Kind of kidding, but seriously. She can barely walk, she doesn't eat candy and that is a tad challenging. But all for the good of the spirit of the holiday. I guess. I am the epitome of the Halloween scrooge, always have been! I am not one to rush time but next year will be a little better! 

Yup. Christmas pictures will be this week. The stress and excitement of this may kill me. In a good giddy way. Like this is what keeps me awake at night. Again, in a good giddy way. I think I have settled on the design. I have been googling addressing creative ways and I will have a stamp that will be awesome. I ordered a white pen. I am actually typing faster and faster at the excitement of it all! I need help. 

Super Excited to attend the King of the Grill, see the Seminoles hopefully barely squeak it out against Louisville and potentially finish the baby's room who will probably be seven before this actually happens. 

What do you have planned this awesome weekend?

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Pursed Lips October 3 2017

I always have a lot to say but then sometimes not a lot at all. Pursed Lips will be an effort to keep me writing. Sorry in advance for the prattle.


I am so sad at the massacre in Vegas. Once again, I have to reach deep in my heart and try to compose the most politically correct sounding message that portrays courage, is complete vanilla as to not offend (can I say pray?) but also a heartfelt message for my clients.

I am sad that there is now a #prayforVegas hashtag. Honestly, shouldn't we just #prayfortheworld? To watch any of the coverage is horrifying and social media makes it so worst. Quick, where is my picture of when I WAS IN VEGAS? How does the balance of narcissism and true empathy play out here? I got the facts and got out, it is not about me.

Cara, from the Champagne Diet posted this and I could not agree more:

STOP ๐Ÿคš๐Ÿผ what you're doing right this moment and ask yourself: is this benefiting my BEST self?
If you're scrolling your newsfeed reading every last detail about a semi-stranger's life, if you're watching the news and taking in all the horrible stories, if you're saying shitty things to yourself about Monday before it's even happened - STOP.
You can redirect your thoughts at ANY time! ๐Ÿ˜
Ask yourself: what would feel amazing right now? What would benefit my best self? How can I create my most incredible day? Here are some quick things that can shift your energy:
๐Ÿ’•Go outside. Take a deep breath and look up at the clouds.
๐Ÿ’•Find or write a few power mantras and repeat them as many times as you need.
๐Ÿ’•Turn on an inspiring podcast and enjoy it while having a hot cup of coffee.
๐Ÿ’•Send a quick text or email to someone you love and tell them how much they mean to you.

REDIRECT, REDIRECT, REDIRECT! That is my word for the week. What's yours?

Tom Petty

I don't know one person my age that doesn't feel compelled to turn on the Wildflowers album this morning, grab their coffee and have a short cry. Music is such a connector. To memories, to time frames, to periods of just life. Tom Petty was a lot of those things for me. I listened to Full Moon Fever so much during the first couple of years in college! The first minute of American Girl kept me awake during more than a few road trips better than any cigarette/altoid/coffee combo could. (Ew, I used to smoke). Fab live but just as good on any radio....he will live in my heart forever.

High Five to my cleaning lady who asked me if Tom Petty was one the guys in NASCAR. I shit you not. Also, funny of note when he was reported dead but then not dead yet....someone uttered that 'He Won't Back Down'. Now that is funny. 

Please Note:

This article is resonating. Yes, I am I am not complaining but I am also glad I am not alone.

I have made this dish twice already and I can't stop.

Completely obsessed with this pair of sneakers, even tho they squeak when I walk, why is that?

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