Hurricane and First Steps

Wishing all friends a safe and smart next couple of days as we await Hurricane Irma. I hate the term the calm before the storm, but while I should be packing up, doing laundry and breathing in a brown paper bag...I found myself drinking coffee horizontally watching Kimberly from Eat Sleep Wear put on her makeup and Eva Chen take an Uber to Fashion Week on Instagram Live.

The best meme all week is the one that described how Floridans are annoyed that the storm is above a Cat 2 and now we have to go do something. Seriously, It is Now the time to be safe and to pray and to shake your head at people bccause even in a time of worry, some still make it only about themselves. Hate that. Trying times brings the best and worst out of people, it is always a good time to think about what and more importantly who is most important and how you can help them.

Anywho! Some news on the Lilly front, we have a walker! Over the last couple of days, I think I saw her walk....I know that sounds strange but it is one of those things where I was like wait... am I really that tired or did she walk from the chair to the ottoman? But we finally got it on video! Conveniently she has a little sniffle for the second time in her life. I know that I am very lucky but I just hate when she is sick, it stresses me out more than most people. So, she looks like drool head mcguility and like she needs a serious bath (she does) but this is what memories are made of!

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