Lilly turns One! Mom Dies from Overcrafting.

My best friend says I am the craftiest person she knows. This literally could be the best thing she has ever said to me in our 27 years of friendship.

I never really had the crafty bug, of course I went through "phases", the "I want to knit phase""Let's make jewelry phase"...oh! "Stamping, that sounds like a lovely way to spend your time!"

It wasn't until my wedding to wear the bug was bit and I was knee deep in Pinterest every night at 3a to deal with my insomnia. So, I have made this and that, helped a friend or two-but it wasn't till Lilly's party that I realized this was the first time since the "Big Day" that was an event for me to plan all for myself just for Lilly!

I have to admit that I did do some secret squirrelly things like pick the same theme for her party as he yet to be done nursery.
I know.
Yet to be done.

But, that changes THIS WEEK as we move out of our house and tile shall be laid! Then a whole new project that has been two years in the making will begin! I just did a little dance. Stay tuned!

For her party, I breathed in and out and used Trello as a planner and really enjoyed myself crafting and planning a soiree.

Of course, when one starts an invitation business one can not fail on invites. I have been using Creative Market a little which gives me the graphics I need to pull off some great things. I just started dabbling in Illustrator, and could not be more please with my results.

As much energy as I spent on my invites, everyone wanted to know how the stamps came to be. I would tell you, but then I would have to kill you.

This is pretty much where I knew I was having an issue with OCD, and I had to hide my efforts or my husband would divorce me. Exhibit A:

But in the end, it really looked amazing and I was proud of my craziness!

I wish to make a living making tutus

Parabo Press was so amazing to work with! Especially after I forgot one picture, they helped me rush it! 
Yes, these are wood, and yes, I need medicine. 

Complete helium tank fail, lesson learned-pay the extra money

Lilly's Year in the Life Banner, took off almost a year of my life while making.
Finished Project, thankfully it laid against the wall when displayed

The food was super good, the biggest hit was these sandwiches. Delicious!

I took a semi naked cake from Publix added my own flowers and it was exactly what I wanted. My sister who is an excellent baker, made this amazing cupcakes. I hot glued seed packets to craft sticks like a crazy person, combined graham cracker and oreo crumbs because I wanted sand not dirt...cue crazier music....could not be happier how they turned out!

Well, I think everyone had a good time. We had family only and four of my best friends. I could do it this way or I could have a 100 people at a party a baby would not remember. Speaking of which, I politely asked for no gifts, because we don't need any thing at this time. Like, seriously...want to give me and Lilly a good gift-come fold my laundry, please!

Seriously, we asked instead to donate to the Daytona Blues Festival which 100% of the proceeds goes towards the Halifax Health NICU and Project WARM...two very near and dears to my heart. We raised $500! I am so happy!

Ta. Da. We are one!

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