The Future Arrives One Day At A Time

This is one of my favorite sayings and it is always a good reminder!

Today is June! Remember how we hated June last year? Remember how the darkest and dreariest, could barely get out of bed days of my life was two Junes ago! But this June!!!!! It is full of every dreams are made of! Sunshine! Unicorns! The start of summer! The way things were meant to be!

June 1st also symbolizes a big day in the philanthropic piece of my life. Today, I am no longer THE Past President of the Junior League of Daytona Beach, I humbly join a bunch of amazing women and become A Past President of the Junior League of Daytona Beach.

Today, on June 1st also symbolizes the first day where I hang up my pearls and white gloves (as If!) and become a sustainer (it is our term for alumni, if you will) in my League. As my husband put it, sooo no more meetings? Ha! Yes, something like that!

Being a Junior League member is an amazing (and a little surprising) life changing experience. In these past nine years, I have learned so much about disrupting convention (our theme this year) and how it really does start with a woman. (our theme two years ago). I have learned that it means so much to make a difference. I have also been mindful that not having a charitable component in your life, makes a very sad life indeed!

That is the personal part. The professional aspects have been equally as rewarding! I used to be able to speak to 1000 Spring Breakers back when we were kind of a big deal (#OK) but put me in a room of 20 people, I would rather die. Now! Sad for you! I can talk to anyone about anything in any capacity!

I have also had the opportunity to become a true leader in my community. To make decisions that are best for a non profit organization is so ridiculously rewarding I can't even begin to explain. Being a Junior League member has given me the courage to speak up, to lead, to be an entrepreneur. It goes on and on.

And the friendships? From the girl who would purse her lips and say, I don't need any new friends I grew up here...the ladies I have met within the Junior League have changed my life.

Okay! This is starting to get sappy. The best part of it all is I am the super lucky chicken that also handles ALL the social media for the ENTIRE organization (The Association of Junior Leagues International). For me, it is bittersweet to take a pause on my local platform but I am as blessed as can be to see what happens on a daily basis with this amazing international organization.

Please make a difference somewhere. If not the Junior League, just spend it somewhere using your skills to help others. It will change your life. It does mine.

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