Happy Mother's Day!

Good Morning!!
Happy Mother's Day!!

I want to go out today just so someone will say that to me!

I feel in some ways I have been waiting for this day my entire life! I am hoping that whatever stage your life is in, you have a wonderful Sunday. I read somewhere  that “You are very likely an important person in a young person’s life. We are all parents in one way or another.” That is very resonating, isn’t it?!

Not to bring out the tiny violin, or cello (because I am relishing Truly Madly Guilty by Liane Morairity this week), but Mother's Day for almost two decades has meant nothing to me but bitter aggravation, and then recently anguish. I have become so far removed from considering this a day of celebration that it wasn't until late this week where I realized that I had to start thinking about aunt and nana gifts from Steve's mom and my sister from Lillian!

But, today has such an utter sense of do-over, renewal,  first day of the rest of your life taste that I feel like a kid on the morning of Christmas!!! I know that the first Mother's Day is a little self serving but I look forward to the years that come where this day and Father's Day can be a time to celebrate our sheer family joy.

I am happy to report that my husband must of had every woman that even looked his way in the last couple of weeks express to him how divinely important a first Mother's Day is to not screw up.  I see roses and he has been to the jeweler. Two explicit things that the old Darlynn rolled her eyes at...but this misting tears of joy, grinning fool that lays in bed before you writing this? Bring it!!! Ring the bell, darling! Bring the champagne!!

Allegedly this is a day of relax and rest but what makes me happy is to entertain! We are hosting brunch for my sister and mother in law. I couldn't be happier!

Thank you for allowing me to use this blog, along with my travel and my love of wine ...an opportunity to let you know how really good my life is today. I am living proof of good things happen to those who wait.


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