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One of my favorite stories I like to tell about my husband and I when we were dating is the time I heard him say..."Man, I would like to get into tennis again". So, like any newly dating idiot would do I ran down to my local tennis spot and took six weeks of lessons. Six Weeks. In January. Because for our first Valentine's Day, by golly I had the perfect gift...a new racket, some balls and me, Maria Sharapova, Jr.!

Racket was the operative word.

Our first tennis outing was over as quickly as it started. I am sure divorces happen on many a tennis court. It ended up with me crying and at some point I remember Steve saying HOW MUCH DID YOU PAY FOR THESE LESSONS, GO GET YOUR MONEY BACK!

Now, it's a pretty funny story to tell, but onwards!

I am gonna go golfing on Women's Golf Day at Hammock Beach Resort! This should be so much fun with my girlfriends. Even though my golf experience ranges from putting together golf tournaments to sitting in the cart drinking bloodys while reading you articles out of Mademoiselle...this time I am gonna play and succeed and prosper!

Women's Golf Day is a one day international event that encourages women to engage in the sport of golf. Whether it's their first time or they are a pro, this event is meant to bring women together in a fun, non-intimidating environment. Participants of all ages and skill levels are welcome.

Raises Hand!!!

Join Hammock Beach June 6th  for a four-hour Women’s Golf Day experience. Begin with a lesson with our pros and end with a complimentary cocktail reception at our Conservatory Clubhouse. Everyone is invited, from beginner golfer, to those playing for fun!

*4-6pm Meet at the Conservatory – Golf pros will lead attendees in a lesson.

*6-7pm Put your skills to the test with a 3-hole round on the course.

*7-8pm Cocktail reception on the Clubhouse Terrace with light refreshments and hors d’oeuvres.

Price is $15 for Day guests and complimentary for Members & Overnight resort guests. Clubs will be provided, and attire is golf casual.

Reservations are required by Friday, June 2nd. Please call the Conservatory Clubhouse to make your reservation at 386.246.6710.

For more information visit:

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Happy Mother's Day!

Good Morning!!
Happy Mother's Day!!

I want to go out today just so someone will say that to me!

I feel in some ways I have been waiting for this day my entire life! I am hoping that whatever stage your life is in, you have a wonderful Sunday. I read somewhere  that “You are very likely an important person in a young person’s life. We are all parents in one way or another.” That is very resonating, isn’t it?!

Not to bring out the tiny violin, or cello (because I am relishing Truly Madly Guilty by Liane Morairity this week), but Mother's Day for almost two decades has meant nothing to me but bitter aggravation, and then recently anguish. I have become so far removed from considering this a day of celebration that it wasn't until late this week where I realized that I had to start thinking about aunt and nana gifts from Steve's mom and my sister from Lillian!

But, today has such an utter sense of do-over, renewal,  first day of the rest of your life taste that I feel like a kid on the morning of Christmas!!! I know that the first Mother's Day is a little self serving but I look forward to the years that come where this day and Father's Day can be a time to celebrate our sheer family joy.

I am happy to report that my husband must of had every woman that even looked his way in the last couple of weeks express to him how divinely important a first Mother's Day is to not screw up.  I see roses and he has been to the jeweler. Two explicit things that the old Darlynn rolled her eyes at...but this misting tears of joy, grinning fool that lays in bed before you writing this? Bring it!!! Ring the bell, darling! Bring the champagne!!

Allegedly this is a day of relax and rest but what makes me happy is to entertain! We are hosting brunch for my sister and mother in law. I couldn't be happier!

Thank you for allowing me to use this blog, along with my travel and my love of wine ...an opportunity to let you know how really good my life is today. I am living proof of good things happen to those who wait.


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It's Derby Day!

This may come as a surprise to you but I LOVE THE KENTUCKY DERBY! I love everything about it and I hope to see it in person one day! We usually go to the dog track to place our bets, although I am starting to enjoy the ease of Twin Spires! Last year, I finished out my last couple of weeks as President of the Junior League and we had an amazing Derby party! I was fortunate enough to buy a hat from Arturo Rios who has designed hats and costume for many famous people including Lady Gaga during her stint on American Horror Story. Look how my friends and I rocked the day!

As much as a fan as I am of the Derby, the outfits and the betting! I am so excited that the Kentucky Derby also means that 14 Hands releases exclusive wines for the Kentucky Derby!

14 Hands Winery continued their partnership with the “Run for the Roses,”™ for the fifth year running. Along with their 3rd vintage of the Limited Release Kentucky Derby® Red Blend (which is delicious), they also released a brand new wine, the 14 Hands 2016 Rosé, which I will be drinking while watching the race this weekend.

14 Hands Winery selections are offered nationwide.

14 Hands 2016 Rose

The 2016 Rosé freshens up the already impressive varietal line-up from 14 Hands Winery. This beautifully, light pink Syrah-based Rosé opens with delicate aromas of rose petals and rhubarb. Refreshing flavors of melon and strawberries are followed closely by a kick of citrus in the finish.

“This Syrah-based Rosé opens with delicate aromas of rose petals and rhubarb. Refreshing flavors of melon and strawberries are followed closely by a kick of citrus in the finish.” Keith Kenison, Winemaker

Perfect by the glass or with light salads like a classic Niçoise, grilled tuna, paella and salty cheeses.

Kentucky Derby Red Blend

This Limited Release Red Blend was crafted to commemorate 14 Hands Winery proud sponsorship of the Kentucky Derby®, the legendary Thoroughbred race that dates back to 1875. Serve this wine at your Kentucky Derby viewing party paired with party favorites like pulled pork sliders and beef tenderloin skewers.

“This opulent red blend showcases juicy Washington fruit character with aromas of blackberries and plums with subtle hints of chocolate and pepper. Flavors of dark berries and cocoa, supported by plush tannins, give way to a long-lasting, persistent finish.” Keith Kenison, Winemaker

Bacon-Wrapped Pork Tenderloin with Cherries, Deviled Eggs with Bacon, Italian Cured Meats and Cheese, Country Ham and Biscuits

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