Go Green this Earth Day with Eco-Friendly Wines

Earth Day is THIS Saturday! While we always do our best effort recycling and being kind to the Earth, more importantly-Did you know you could be environmentally conscious while enjoying a glass of wine?

As the largest certified organic vineyard in Washington State, takes every effort to help their fans reduce their carbon footprint by offering wine that’s environmentally-friendly, yet delicious.

Whether it’s in their vineyard, the winery, or in their packaging, Snoqualmie wines are made using sustainable and organic practices and are designed to showcase the best winemaking techniques and vineyard selections.

·        Vineyard – In their vineyards they use weather stations and soil moisture-measuring probes to monitor water use and eliminate wasted water.

·        Winery – They have a recycling program that includes paper, glass, cork, and aluminum waste that reduces our solid waste by more than 8%. Additionally, by using eco-friendly energy options in the winery, they have reduced our electricity usage by 30% in the last five years.

·        Packaging – They are the total package now!  They use ECO glass bottles that are among the lightest in the industry, their printed materials are on 100% post-consumer waste material stock, and our corks and labels are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Lastly, they use more eco-friendly capsules.

The Latest From Snoqualmie – Bright, balanced, and bursting with lush varietal flavors, these wines pair well with a variety of food and offer high-quality, high-value accompaniment to casual spring and summer picnics, barbecues, and other celebratory gatherings.

Snoqualmie 2015 ECO Chardonnay Columbia Valley (organic)
Snoqualmie 2015 Chardonnay Columbia Valley
Snoqualmie 2015 Winemaker's Select Riesling Columbia Valley

Snoqualmie 2015 ECO Cabernet Sauvignon Columbia Valley (organic)
Snoqualmie 2014 Syrah Columbia Valley

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