The Very Basic and Honest List of Needs for New Moms

I have been holding on forever writing this, really for no reason except for time or lack thereof. I had dreams, you know, to be this great blogger that would instill all wisdom on the daily of what was very much needed as a new mom! It would be so fun to be a consistent mommy blogger!

Sadly, what is really on my mind is to write an entire blog post on my google search. I really want you to see is the most ridiculous things I have googled since my LO (yup that is a forum term and it stands for little one! I have arrived!) was born.

Today, for instance I close can you put the dehumidifier...because really...should the smoke consume her entire face so she def gets it or am I looking to achieve overall room comfiness?

I am really smarter about all this nonsense. My main goal in this journey is  I really don't want to pile my house and new life with a bunch of stuff. Says the girl who has no nursery set up...(I will get to it I promise....)

Here are five things I think you will need in order for life to move forward.

A set up and a sleeping plan.

This is pretty basic, but you will need a dedicated area to change the baby and a place where she will sleep. It may be an elaborate nursery...all set up and ready to go or you could set up the changing table and leave everything else that needs to go in the nursery in the garage like some people.

Hopefully, you have someone to share this journey with, please note on day 3 or 4 without a plan and a set up you might want to kill them. Yes, watching the baby together holding hands cooing 24/7 is very sweet, but eventually you will come to your senses and realize ain't no one is gonna get any sleep or sanity this way.

What worked for me and my DH (another forum term, to bring you up to speed....I thought it stood for designated husband for quite some time instead of dear) is that because I am used to getting up the earliest and need the least amount of sleep, it made the best sense for him to have the last feeding and for me to go to bed around 8p or 9p. This sounds early but some nights I find myself praying the clock says this time instead of what time it actually is (6p).

A Rock N Play
My best friend suggested this and it saved our life. It is elevated so it eliminated a lot of gas issues and she really loves it. I may never take her out of it.

A Boppy Lounger
The Boppy pillow is pretty great, but the Lounger! The Lounger is like the penthouse suite of pillows, we feed her on it and she takes her naps on it. It is great because it also distinguishes between the rock and play which is only used for the final night sleep.

An Amazing Diaper Bag I am actually very passionate about this. Most diaper bags are very ugly. Very. Ugly. I bought a Kate Spade diaper bag which should have been sufficient but it really is a better pack and go to Nana's bag. It wasn't very user friendly...sad to say. After searching passionately for a gorgeous bag, I started looking at what the stars were carrying...I hope you are not judging me, if they say they are good then they are good. I came across the brand Timi and Leslie and can not tell you how impressed I am with the quality and I love that it comes in a variety of colors...yes it is a little pricy, but Poshmark has a ton of them.



The first couple of days we were home, Steve said "I don't really think you need to have your friends do the meal mom and our family will cook for us!" After a couple days of...well, we forgot to call his Mom or any family and pizza delivery was on the menu.

It is not a bad idea to ask for a little help and get a friend to help organize a meal train for you. Just so you know, it is also not in bad taste to ask them to leave it out in the cooler on the front seems like that is not kosher but I am told it is completely acceptable. Although once Steve went back to work I welcomed the company!

Another amazing idea is the fun deal that Carrabba’s has for you!!

Family Bundles saved our lives more than once during the first couple of weeks. Great for new moms and busy families and anyone who is looking for family meal solutions that are quick and convenient but don’t sacrifice taste and freshness to feed their family in the evening.

Carrabba’s solves dinner (or lunch) today with a menu of Family Bundles perfectly portioned for 4 people

Family Bundles Menu has 6 options starting at $34.99

  • Spaghetti with meat sauce, meatballs or sausage
  • Cavatappi Alfredo
  • Lasagne (requires a 4 hour call ahead notice) 
  • Cavatappi Carrabba
  • Chicken Marsala
  • Chicken Parmesan

·         All Family Bundles are made fresh when you order
·         Entrees bundles with choice of soup or salad
·         Comes with a side dish (except Pastas)
·         Bread, herb mix and olive oil included
·         Customers can order and pay on line or over the phone
·         Delivered to your car when you pull up at the restaurant

This was a lifesaver and delicious, we had so much amazing food!!! It was also convenient to order! Find out more information here.

What other tips are a MUST for a new mom? Leave them in the comments!

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