All I Want For Christmas Is You

True story, every Christmas song has made me misty since God was a boy. I feel when I finally launch my movie star career and I need to have an emotional scene with Ryan Reynolds as he begs me not to leave him, all the studio does is play Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, and here will come the water works.

Hell, even as I hear the Mariah version of All I want for Christmas, I take a peak in my backseat at my little angel and burst into tears. Probably something to speak to my therapist about this month, but I am fully exercising in the practice of happy tears. It is almost a little embarrassing how many times I have gotten choked up happily over very little.

Except for This is Us.

Dear God! It is one of those shows that Steve makes a face before we watch (it is slight, but I still see it) but then rewinds something that is said because he missed it. Aha! But dear God, those are some heartstrings shit, huh? And it really isn't the whole adoption thing, to be honest...but it well written, reminds me of Parenthood (same writers) and every one needs a good ugly cry once a week. Cleansing or whatever.

Speaking of cleansing, having a baby acquires a LOT of extra stuff!! I find myself straightening all day long and she just sits there and looks cute! When she starts getting on the go, I am in a lot of trouble. I am kind of excited that this year, we just get to enjoy the spirit of Christmas without worrying about getting a bunch of I write this I see my UPS, Fed Ex and Mail Persons hysterically laughing. Well, we are trying to keep it to a bare minimum.

Maybe we will work on her room finally...does this horrify you? It should!! I have an almost five month old and even though the perfect nursery is in my head, I have yet to pull the trigger. I know that she doesn't need the space yet, but we have got to start making decisions! We delusionally bought a new dining room table this week, as a mad swipe at deference, so I guess worse case scenario she can always sleep on that! It extends like a big girl table!

A little prattle, A little babble but I wanted to say hello!

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