2016 In Review

I am a little bummed because people are so anxious to move on to 2017...why because David Bowie died? Your candidate wasn't picked? Did you get to get up every morning, stretch and start a new day for a whole year? Yup!

It is obvious why I am so Holly GoLightly on this subject, but a year ago around this time on New Year's Eve day I cried to my husband and begged to go without me to a friend's party. Just a year before we were doing cheers at friend's same party to the adoption that never happened got extorted failed six months later

For two weeks I laid in bed whenever I didn't have to 'real life' and sobbed because I could not believe the world could be so cruel to two good people. Safe to say, I was very much ready to see 2015 in my back mirror.

And then 2016 came. And it was a great year, Yes, we know the best thing about 2016 and my life ever....that's a given...but I also have learned a lot. About life. Family. Friends. And Miracles. I wouldn't change it for the world.

I am a little busier this year to do a full recap like Megan and I do each year (she has hers up already, damn her!) but here is a quick recap of what also made my life complete:

In January, I had the great opportunity to go to NYC on Jet Blue for the first time, it was a blast and I will never forget that trip and the memories made! AND we got our first Today Show appearance!

I was fortunate enough to travel to NYC a couple more times, and go to Austin and Chicago with my AJLI people, and help start the process of working out the deets for social media strategy for this wonderful company! It is such a gift to work with them.

I also got to travel to DC with one of my favorite people and go on a week long vacation to New Orleans with my best half. Even with a pumpkin, I can not wait to find what neat places 2017 will take me and us!

My business continued with much success, I have enjoyed consulting and stepping in to help when needed (and being paid for it). It sure is nice to take the next step in your business and make it bigger and better. Plus I have some new ideas stashed ready to go this New Year!

One of my great friends sung the National Anthem at the Daytona 500....this is not exactly true, but it is one of 1000 belly laughs this year with a bunch of wonderful friends, new and old.

I was also brave enough to say this year, that doesn't work for me....it is very powerful-at work, in life with friends and with family. Putting you and your family first should never be something to be ashamed of.

I lost this year. My dear sweet kitty Felicity. Prince, who was a musical hero. Family that can't get out of their own way. I also lost the will to feel guilty about a lot of things. I choose Joy.

I am thankful for my sister and my niece which makes us the smallest family ever. Big Hair, don't care...we make it work! Who needs a big family!  It is super amazing to see them share our joy with Lilly, they are so important to me.

Steve and I and my best friend Suzie went to our 25th High School Reunion! Isn't that what old people do?! What a fun event!

Speaking of my BFF, who may or may not read this ever...I am very grateful to her and her husband and little boy for consistently giving us strength and courage to keep going down this journey. Allegedly, I did this for her but I really don't remember. Even miracles take a little time is our mantra, well that was our mantra...We did it!! seems to have replaced that one. My gosh, we did it.

And of course, our amazing daughter...my goodness what to say? Even though we are both down with the sickness for our first New Year, I can not wait to show this baby girl what the world is all about!

Let's go 2017, I can not wait to see what you will bring. Ok, fine let's see those nine punkin pictures!!

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