FriYay Thoughts

Ahhhh Friday! We have quite a week!

1. After ten years of complement,  we got hit by the Hurricane Matthew! We lost 'only' ONLY a 50 ft tree in our front yard that gently brushed with no damage our neighbor's house. Not to be unkind, but it was the wrong tree, the tree in the back was the one to go! Ha! Seriously, luckily although it looks like a war zone, we fared okay in our little town.

2. Super tired of the first world hags on my Facebook. I realize that is not very kind but there is a lot of complaining going on! Yes, we had some power issues and boil water yucks but I choose grace and thankfulness that I don't live in, I don't know Haiti...where there were mass casualties.

3. I am voting for Donald Trump. I literally don't care what he said to Billy Bush fifteen years ago. I am all for the locker room mentality, I have been friends with boys for years. I was friends with a band that had a boob book, god forbid these men today with stable wives and families and Grammy and Emmy winning careers run for office!  Frankly, if you knew what I said or did or thought 24/7 fifteen, twenty years ago, we may not be friends either. Just ask my ex-boyfriend.

Trump apologized, let's move on. Truly sad about the media and their inability to report anything properly, and for you to buy right into it. It is very concerning that this is what we have spent an entire week on, instead of talking about how truly fucked our county is currently. I am sure willing to have a 15 years ago p-grabbing conversation rule over the fact that after seven weeks and 25 phone calls to my insurance company, my daughter and I are finally insured (like paying customers) only to receive a notice that it is going up another $200 at the front of the year, for a super shitty policy. Or that I am self employed and Steve and I get so screwed on our taxes, we just paid off last years payment last month. That doesn't work for me. I am willing to let anyone give it a better stab. Before you go to the polls, please turn off the TV and go read Bias, by Bernard Goldberg, a former CBS head honcho-it is a life changer.  This article is everything. PS don't get me started on 70 year old women "coming forward", this is nonsense!

4. Whew that was quite a rant. Wait, you are wondering why I haven't mentioned our Lillian? EEE! She is three months old today! I find myself typing this AM waiting patiently for her to awake! She has become quite a little person this week. What a joy! And Tuesday is our day, please pray for our family as this journey comes to a close and we scream GOTCHA on the top of our lungs. I can not actually wait to exhale fully instead of these shallows I have been doing since we started. It is gonna be the best day of our life, our li ay ay ay ay ay feeeeee.

Wishing you a fab weekend of rainbows, unicorns and Justin on Netflix.

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