Because I Love Her

Our day in the sun has arrived! We are a forever family! Over the moon excited for our future. The world is ours and we can not wait!

Some highlights:

I hope I never forget that I had the good fortune to try on Lilly's outfit before we went, as it was 7 sizes too big and I had to scoop her up and run like a banshee to Dillard's at the last minute.

During our finalization, there was not a dry eye in the house, even the Judge cried!

I was right. And we were too happy to take the full glory that this entails. I TOLD my husband I didn't think we should bring the car seat and stroller in the courthouse. To which he politely brushed off! Guess who, much to the dismay of some early morning courthouse visitors were delayed a good five minutes taking the baby out of the carseat? Then the cover off, then the stroller back in and back through. What a mess! And damnit, I couldn't take the utter glee for being right just for once.

Our lawyer asked during the proceedings (which were less than 2 minutes) why we wanted to adopt Lillian? I started strong, yes I did...and said because we love her! Good, right?! Then, I guess that wasn't good enough for my frail emotional two year long journey state because I started babbling and hysterically crying that when she wakes up in the morning, SOB, she looks at me with love with these big blue eyes SOB and I cherish every second of that...someone get this fool off the stand. But, we have video, so there is that!

This week, my mother in law was playing with her and leaned down and whispered and now you are a Tacinelli. Nearly broke my cynical state of mind. So, miracles do come true and it feels so good to be happy and now I shall join all the other mother's in complaining about shit we should be thankful for.

Introducing the official Party of Three!

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