Coffee, Cat Food and Other Newborn Survival Methods

I had dreams.
I had big dreams.
Over the past two months, I have said a thousand times-that would make a good blog.....that would make a good blog, that would make a good...than you wake up and it is Labor Day!

So here is my overdue prattle of smatter.

-It is Lillian's first holiday! YAY! This has been the best summer of my life. We are really loving everything you could imagine about this part of our journey. It has been exciting to figure it out. I am extraordinarily lucky as she is a good baby, it is rare that she is fussy unless she is on the changing table or hungry. She is also sleeping close to the whole night...11p-4:30a or 5:00a? I will take it!

-I have quickly adjusted to what I thought and what I know.

-I have only tried to kill my husband no less than three or four times in the beginning but now I have some ridiculous bird singing love for him when I watch him with our girl. He shows patience I didn't know existed in any human being and he has taken the later shift with good grace, ironically that is when she is most active.

-She open mouth grinned this week and we almost threw her, it shocked us so.

-We have giggled over her, texted each other pictures of her diaper's content for the doctor and both taken a million pictures of her staring at us. Hashtag Marriage.

-My Girlfriends and family come out of the woodwork to do absolutely anything for you....and I have gotten a little better accepting help gracefully. This is not easy.

-I have only pulled the newborn card once or twice to get me out of shit I don't want to do.

-I would give my every being to know what Lilly laughs at when she sleeps, it puts everything in perspective.

-I had my first "Holy shit how coothless moment" when someone saw me and screamed on the top of her lungs "Did you get her here locally?" Like she is a piece of is wrong with people? I am happy to answer that question but in the middle of a public setting? I am not inclined.

-Can you explain to me why she has out grown Pampers NB, but Huggies fit fine and Honest are too that a bargaining tool in the marketing board room?

-Annoying the world is the way it is today that I am stuck with about $100 worth of formula, because the system has been abused and certain idiots bring back formula for money from their WIC card.

-My cat has gained ten lbs since Lilly was born, every time she looks at me and goes to open her mouth to utter a meow, I shove cat food near her to keep her quiet. See! I have been very diligent to not ignore her!

Enjoy your holiday!

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