Leap Year Heartbreak

You ever have a hangnail and it's all you can think about and then you stub your toe and it hurts so cussword bad, your hangnail is nothing anymore? That's the best analogy I can describe of how today feels for my family of two.

We have always hated Fathers Day, we have both lost our fathers. It was manageable because we were in it together. It got a little sticky because there has been a couple of years lately where we should be celebrating with our new family. Ah, the joys of infertility and adoption!

This year, in a way, it is so ironic it's funny. It really caps off our terrible year. Thanks to the amazement of Leap Year, the same day we should have been celebrating our daughters first birthday, we are reminded of yet another holiday this childless, parentless couple hasn't the good fortune to celebrate anything at all.

It's like the Lifetime movie that never ends, but I know-like all stories, there is a happy ending waiting just for us. 
Thanks for listening, next post I'll be back to happy go lucky. 

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