Florida Hospital NICU Grand Opening

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Don't Only Old People Go To Their 25th Reunion?

This morning I have the great pleasure of waking up on my best friend's motorcoach. Allegedly it's on the beach, but all the windows are down and I don't want to disturb anyone this early. 

This weekend we celebrate the fact that 25, not a typo...years ago, we walked across a stage and received the key to life: a high school diploma. How the hell did this happen? Why am I not old? I remember when my parents went up north to their twenty, and I was like God-I'll never see that in my lifetime. But here we are. 

We are looking forward to this weekend....it takes a lot more planning than you could imagine. Unlike other events when you know all parties involved, for this one, absolutely no one has a problem telling you exactly how stupid they are. If I had a dollar for every ridiculous question I have answered this past week-well, I would be a very rich girl indeed. I have politely explained that yes, since you are "allergic" to alcohol there will be alternatives...and sure pay at the door! I'm a millionaire funding this myself and wish to have no name tag for you! Send my OCD in orbit, go right the hell ahead! 
PS: just because Jesus told you that you were allergic alcohol shouldn't be a concern of mine. bring your own milk! (True story). 
Of course, I am a little excited. This is the first reunion that I am Mahhhhhreeed to my classmate. Funny how stuff works out. I am sure there is additional pressure on some of you that are bringing your significant other to this ring of fire! Not me! I'm not even paying much mind to his attire! That's on you! Speaking of which, look what I found:
I did good. Of course, I have been doing all the starving thing because God forbid you don't miss a chance to have some loss of self worth during your event! Ha! 

But, at any rate the highlight of the process was  last night was when my best friend says "I have been thinking about your two outfits....you need to wear the coral Friday and the jumpsuit on Saturday. Because our pictures will look better based on my attire." Strangely, this warms my cold heart. Guess what else? The name of my jumpsuit is Lillian by Gianni Bini. You're welcome! 

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Leap Year Heartbreak

You ever have a hangnail and it's all you can think about and then you stub your toe and it hurts so cussword bad, your hangnail is nothing anymore? That's the best analogy I can describe of how today feels for my family of two.

We have always hated Fathers Day, we have both lost our fathers. It was manageable because we were in it together. It got a little sticky because there has been a couple of years lately where we should be celebrating with our new family. Ah, the joys of infertility and adoption!

This year, in a way, it is so ironic it's funny. It really caps off our terrible year. Thanks to the amazement of Leap Year, the same day we should have been celebrating our daughters first birthday, we are reminded of yet another holiday this childless, parentless couple hasn't the good fortune to celebrate anything at all.

It's like the Lifetime movie that never ends, but I know-like all stories, there is a happy ending waiting just for us. 
Thanks for listening, next post I'll be back to happy go lucky. 

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2016 Daytona Half Marathon Announced

Excited to be helping with the social with this event! Date Announced! Feb. 5, 2017

Volusia County Government and Daytona International Speedway have announced the 2017 Daytona Beach Half Marathon will be held at 7:30 a.m. Sunday, Feb. 5, three weeks prior to the 59th annual DAYTONA 500, NASCAR’s biggest, richest and most prestigious race. Registration will open July 1.

The 2016 Daytona Beach Half Marathon attracted 2,748 runners, more than double the number of runners in 2014. “We were very pleased with the turnout,” said Jim Dinneen, Volusia County Manager. “The feedback was excellent. I am confident we’ll see an increase in registrations for next year’s event. We continue to make adjustments based on runner comments. I think moving the start time to 7:30 is a big change that will be well received.”

The Daytona Beach Half Marathon features a breathtaking course that takes runners from the historic asphalt (flat surface) of Daytona International Speedway to International Speedway Boulevard leading to a panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean atop the International Speedway Boulevard highrise bridge to the sparkling, white, hard-packed sands of Daytona Beach and then back to the start/finish line inside the iconic motorsports facility.

Early bird registration from July 1 - Oct. 31 is $80 for the Daytona Beach Half Marathon, $70 for the half marathon relay and $30 for the 3.1-mile Lap the Track.

For information, go online to daytonabeachhalf.com.

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I used to love June, it was my half birthday...the start of summer....the beginning of Big Brother! 

Then four years ago someone in Nairobi Africa skimmed by bank account for 8k 

Then two years ago new management let go of my services after being a part of that organization for almost two decades (that's about to have a happy ending tho!!) 

And last year...well, you know about last year. 

All I can say to myself every day is please let something good happen this June. Especially this year, on THAT day, when it will actually also be Father's Day, the ultimate double whammy. 

And I plead to whoever thinks I have the strength to get up every day, say a little extra prayer please! Because sometimes I can barely do it. There goes the portrayed image that I have coveted that I have my shit together. 

It's all around me to boot, yesterday I overheard a cashier casually telling the bag boy that she'll probably have another baby next year, because for some it's that easy. 

One of my favorite girlfriends was innocently telling us about the so many whoopsee pregnancies she knows of....it's hard to not be sensitive to this. It is not her fault, this is what people in the real world do.

The girl that laughs conspiratorially at me at a child's birthday party and chortles "Free Birth Control, huh?!"

And then I read this and my heart breaks all over again, never have I seen the process depicted so accurately. 

We also have a family friend starting a Go fund me for their adoption...I can't even. On so many levels. I just don't understand. 

I am trying to be cool about this in front of my husband because really how is he to stop the month of June, really.

But I know he would if he could and that is one of the few things that is keeping me afloat.

This means the future comes one day at a time, in Italian...words to live by. My best friend said Bring on June!!! Then it will be July! That is also a great way to look at it.

Sorry for the poo poo poopy dooo, but sometimes I have to let myself take a stab at my keyboard and see what comes out. Today is one of those days! 

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Three Things to Obsess over for June 2016

Good God June where did you come from?! Wasn't I just putting up Christmas decorations yesterday? But, I am embracing it, that June is underway and that means fun things to obsess over.

Starkist Tuna 

My (ahem) 25th reunion is in three weeks, it is time to stop all eating and drinking until then. In all seriousness, I am having an easier time with my new diet, thanks to Starkist Tuna's new Tuna Creations. There are many flavors to choose from, they are single-serve pouches and they are seasoned and ready to eat. A few have over 100 calories, but they all clock in at 1 - 2 SmartPoints®. Check out this yummy recipe from Hungry Girl:

Hungry Girl's Sweet 'n Sassy Egg Bites

2 (2.6 oz.) Pouch - Tuna Creations® Sweet & Spicy
1⁄4 cup reduced-fat/light mayonnaise
1⁄4 cup diced red bell pepper
1⁄4 cup diced sweet onion
10 hard-boiled eggs, chilled

In a bowl, thoroughly mix tuna with mayo. Stir in pepper and onion.
Halve eggs lengthwise; remove and discard yolks. Evenly distribute tuna mixture among egg white halves. Enjoy!

Chanel Boy

Chanel will launch Boy Chanel in the US THIS month. It is the latest addition to the Les Exclusifs collection. The unisex fragrance was developed by house perfumer Olivier Polge, and was inspired by Arthur "Boy" Capel. Captain Arthur Edward "Boy" Capel was an English polo player, and possibly best-remembered for being a lover and muse of fashion designer Coco Chanel.

“My way of working on this fragrance was really not to try to make a unisex fragrance but really more to dive into men’s fragrance…and to show how well it could be worn by a woman,” said Polge, drawing a parallel to a woman putting on her boyfriend’s shirt, thereby rendering it feminine. “So it was not to try to create an in-between fragrance, but a very masculine fragrance. And — like many other things in life — gender is given by the person wearing it.”

Polge described the fragrance as having a duality, with a fresh, aromatic masculine barbershop aspect and its more enveloping element.

Boy Chanel features a masculine fougère accord. Notes include lavender, rose geranium, lemon, grapefruit, rose, orange blossom, sandalwood, heliotropin, vanilla and musk. (via wwd)

Chanel Boy Chanel debuted in May in Paris, and go into wider distribution in June. It will be available in 75 and 200 ml Eau de Toilette. OH!

They had one bottle to cry over when I was at the Saks Chanel counter in New Orleans, it is now my new favorite, I can not wait to snag some.

First Comes Love by Emily Giffin. Can I tell you a secret? Don't meet your favorite authors-it is sometimes a big disappointment. Nada and I met her at Blogging Workshop a couple of years ago and she was not very kind.

However, shamelessly I will still pick this book up, coming out June 28th, because her writing is that good. A pair of sisters find themselves at a crossroads in this dazzling new novel from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Something Borrowed, Where We Belong, and The One & Only. First Comes Love is a story about family, friendship, and the courage to follow your own heart—wherever that may lead.

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