Then Comes Marriage...

Today is Steve and my third Anniversary. I wish I could plan my wedding every day, I enjoyed every single minute of it. Some days I feel like maybe I should help other brides achieve their dreams but then remember that all brides to be are bat shit, so I don't know.

Marriage is hard, it really is literally a piece of paper but even if you have spent almost a decade with a person before you run down that aisle there are some shifts that take place. I remember getting insanely cold feet after the fact, they don't tell you about that!

But, I am the lucky one, I married my best friend, I don't look for girls night out to get away (I actually hate them, truth be told) and when things go really bad...and things have gone really cussword bad...someone is there is to pick you up, and maybe you have to return the favor, but it's a reminder that if you strike out you have someone by your side to go to bat at it again.

It's been a trying year for us, but it made us a little more united and more focussed on what it is important. Cheers to another year! (PS 3rd Anniversary is Leather so I bought myself a little prize, ha ha)

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