Five Things Not To Miss In New Orleans

Yes, you can go to Bourbon Street and spend all your time there, but I have a feeling because you read this blog-you are much more well rounded than that. I will tell you that it is very hard to pick what you absolutely have to do, even if you are there for almost a week like we were.

We hit a lot but still missed a bunch! But, if I had to give you a couple of things you must do or we can't be friends would go a little something like this:

1. Drinks at 21st Amendment. This is where Megan had her night before wedding playtime and it is so cute. There are mixologists and the drinks are reasonable. What I love about this place is the entertainment they hire. When we were there, they had the most darling three piece that I may or may not got a little misty. Oh and when you are aggravated at the line at Acme, you can jump across the street here. Click on the Instagram below to kick it off the video. 725 Iberville Street, New Orleans

2. Bloody Mary's at Erin Rose. This is the only time that I will go onto Bourbon Streets willingly and sober. It is small, dark, and has a great jukebox, VERY friendly bartenders and the best bloody marys that will start any day off right. LOVE. 811 Conti Street, New Orleans

3. Any Meal at Willa Jean's. This is a new kid on the NOLA block. It was our first official meal and it was amazing. First, it was so cute inside! Everything we had was delicious, I highly suggest artichoke and its cheese business. It was yummy! But please save room for desert, recently named the best, you need to get the Cookies and Milk. Yes, that is cookie batter and vanilla flavored milk. 611 O'Keefe Ave, New Orleans.

4. Burgers at Port of Call. I bet if I googled "Burgers at Port of Call and Bucket List" -there would be plenty! The burgers here are great, they cure whatever ales ya and how many times do you get to stop and get a baked potato with your burger. Shockingly once again, the Bloody's are amazing. I guess in a city that hurts you in the evening, they need to to fix you in the AM. 838 Esplanade Ave, New Orleans

5. Drinks at LafittesAllegedly the very first night I spent in New Orleans-we went here. I would like to say I discovered it on my very own when we stayed at an AirBNB down the street a couple of days later. Yes, it is the oldest bar, it is dark but it also so fun and the jukebox is a rocking. We stayed here all afternoon one day, that is hard to do in New Orleans! 941 Bourbon Street, New Orleans

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