Oh, Hello Mid April

I even have on my Remember the Milk daily to Blog...every day. It's been a while.
What's  new... How is the world treating you?

As for Me:

-I do not have to travel till next month, I'm such a tired loser that I went to bed every night in NYC by 9p. Whoo party!

-My year as Madam President is coming to a close...bittersweet, will miss the uber involvement but it's time to let the other ladies kick some bootie.

- Next project is my high school reunion, I should say our high school reunion! What a relief and joy to not drag my husband around and say, honey this is so and so. I will say and that I just thought of this, hope everyone keeps their childless inquisition to a bare minimum....that is gonna stink.

- We started on the AdvoCare cleanse together this week. I actually started a week early then fell off a tad (hello, NY bagels and spaghetti and red wine) so I decided to start over and be diligent. Until I won't be. I just have to keep thinking about good eating and how I want to be confident at the reunion.

-Getting very weary of the preconceived notions of what my industry is. It's getting to the point that everyone is an expert. It's very frustrating. The only thing I can compare is that when my car is broken I don't come to their shop with my own wrench, right? It's the same thing. Anyway...

- Spending a lot of time working on stuff and figuring it all out. I am getting close to the solution, then I'll let you know. I realize I sound dumb and elusive and should write hmmmmmm and shit like people do when they are seeking attention. It's not that, I just haven't put all my thoughts to paper on what I'm cooking up. Sadly, because I try to write everything down-when I do you will be the first to know.

-Please go read Swans of Fifth Avenue. Melanie Benjamin is a genius and these socialites in the 50's clamoring for Truman Capote's attention is brilliant and dazzling and everything you could ever want in fashionable late 1950's Manhattan.

That's all for now!

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