Would You Work For Free?

Morning! Greetings from DC! It is FridYAY! I am happy to be traveling in the most gorgeous of cities and the weather is stellar! We are here on a quick Girl's getaway, posts to come!

I was sent this a couple of weeks ago and again today by two colleagues that also work for themselves. It really is so frustrating, this lovely industry of ours! Our brain is not free!

Lately, I have been missing opportunities because the client "has a friend who is gonna help and handle his Facebook" or "his daughter is going to do it for him on the side". You have to cussword be kidding me, and this has been going on for a while. Remember when I was complaining about it here? Two years ago and now it is more crazy then ever.

Listen to me when I stand on my soapbox and yell-just because you have a Facebook, a social media maven makes you not. Do I come in to your law office and litigate your cases? Do I come to your salon with my scissors in hand ready to get my hair did? Nope! Please, for the love of God just be good at what you are good at and pay for the services that you are not to better your business.

Pay is the operative word. It is not for free and if it was it would look a little something like this. Enjoy!

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