Idea Dinners, A New Way To Shake Up Networking

There is nothing more important to me than bringing big city mentality to our small parts of this little ole town. This week, I had the distinct honor of being selected to attend an Idea Dinner.

Idea Dinners is where eight strangers gather over cocktails and craft cuisine to engage in meaningful conversations, form long-lasting relationships and share ideas. I received an invitation because they thought I would be a great fit for the Idea Dinner with Chef Ryan Truong of Nichiyobi Bambu.

Recently named one of the New's Journal's "40 Under 40" Ryan has quietly been leading a small food revolution at his twice monthly pop-up restaurant at Bamboo Garden in Ormond Beach. Nichiyobi at Bambu features an innovative Pan Asian Fusion menu and Ryan and his team are creating an entirely new and innovative menu just for Idea Dinners. He aspires to open his own restaurant in Ormond in the near future.

The guest list includes Ormond restaurant and business owners as well as creative business and restaurant marketers who have a reputation for developing brands that think outside the box. I was so pleased to see my friend Jess and Carlos who owns La's Bistro, Taki who owns Greektown Taverna,  and Jenna and Robyn-two fabulous ladies who are opening Virgola, AKA as my new home: a oyster and Italian Wine Bar (the original based in NYC) that will be opening in May on Ormond Mainstreet. The conversation was led by Alex Bittner a Adams, Cameron & Co. realtor.

From the website: Whether you are launching a business, starting a project or pioneering change in the community, Idea Dinners is where you can gain insight through meaningful conversation and make long-lasting connections with like-minded Central Florida residents. Dinners vary by theme and often include a prominent dinner guest who frames the conversation based around his or her area of expertise. Idea Dinners take place in creative settings throughout Central Florida and include a gourmet dinner and cocktails created by local chefs.

Idea Dinners is a project of Lacey McLaughlin, a Daytona-Beach based writer, and Whitney Taylor-Barnard, owner of the Scribble Studio in Ormond Beach. As two foodies with endless creative pursuits, we want to move the community forward by giving great ideas a place to grow.

I have known Lacey for quite some time, she is a writer , a real writer!!! I have been stalking Whitney and her Scribble Studio products for quite some time and finally had a chance to meet her in person! Check out this faire! Amazing! 

Sound like this is a great way to spend the evening? It is! Sign up here
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