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My phone hasn't rang in months. I know I shouldn't say that because it makes me sound privileged but for whatever reason ever since the summer of no phone rang steady for a good six months...sadly each potential adoption situation was more twisted than the last. 

But I have had a bit of a lull....I called my lawyer (my friend) and joked about the silence, but she too agreed. 

I guess I'm putting out to the universe to air my small fear that there are no more babies to adopt, I know that is ridiculous but seriously it's a baby drought for sure. I just pray every day that someone calls from the hospital and says come meet your baby. It's really the best scenario...I really don't want to go through that shitshow again. But, of course I will.

Lately that I have been starting to gather decorating ideas again. During our situation, shopping for the baby's room and spending hours outside painting soothed my frazzled nerves. I think I'm ready again.

I have been taking some times visiting  thrift stores again for wood pieces and took this cloud idea from a store I was shopping at yesterday. 

Aren't they killer? 

I also saw this article about gender reveal cakes. We were so excited about having the first girl in seven children, we ran from the sonogram screaming, that was our reveal. Maybe this time we will be creative, but maybe (hopefully) we will have zero time to tell anyone anything. We are ready.

Have a good weekend xx

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