That Doesn't Work for Me

If you work the corporate grinder, sometimes you have to do things you don't want to do. The one benefit of working for yourself is usually there are ways to get you out of those kind of situations. I wouldn't suggest being impervious to any stress or hard work but you, as a business owner have the grand opportunity to say That Doesn't Work For Me.

I have an anxiety gage when it comes to this, if I am working with something or someone that gives me that tight chest, can't breathe feeling...I gotta go. Its not you, its me. Well, its you and you are not very kind but I have the great fortune of getting out because I don't have to satisfy anyone but myself when it comes to my own work environment.

That is a very powerful thought process to embrace and honestly it is scary as hell. I have been asked, "What-do you not want my money?" The answer although hard should always be no.

You come first, that is what this whole entrepreneur shit show is all about.

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