Five things for a Friday

It's here! Good ole Friday!

1. I am looking forward to this weekend! Race Week is here! Valentine's Day is Sunday! My uncle comes Monday! Yay!

2. In reference to above, I have succeeded in getting the most dialed in Valentine's Day present to date. A cutting board. Yup. Oh and I went to three different golf courses and bought three rounds of golf. But still. I. Bought. My. Husband. A. Cutting. Board. For. Valentine's. Day.

3.  I hope my purchases from the Who What Wear Collection from Target comes in today. It is really not fair that we didn't even get anything at our podunk Target and I had to order online. This may be shocking but I ordered two white tops, two black tops, a Navy blouse (whooo) and this awesome striped number.

 4. This week has been very liberating with work. I also had a great appointment for some future business!

5.Wishing you a wonderful weekend full of love and kitchen items


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