Five Things For A Friday

Ah! It is Friday! Hope everyone had a good week!

1. Day five of laying on the couch...I know that I am blessed to have a job who's boss lives within no feet of me, but its really hard not to call in sick turn your shit off and go back to bed for a week. Luckily, I had one appointment who cancelled and everyone stayed far far away.

2. Tomorrow night is the Sweetheart Ball. This is the signature daddy (or the like)/daughter event of the Junior League of Daytona Beach and I could not be happier at the way it is turning out. We have some amazing talent that are giving it their heart and soul for this event. It is amazing and humbling to watch and manage. Everyone is killing it and the effort is astonishing. This is gonna be a great event.

3. I have spent most of these last days cursing and pondering over a 900 person seating chart for tomorrow night's said Sweetheart Ball. All I have to worry about is that this process goes off without a hitch. You may ask whats the big deal, but I assure you this is a make or break portion of the event. Literally. If the Jones and the Smiths dont sit together for the 20 minutes they will lose. their. cussword. mind. Of course if the Jones says they wants to sit with the Smiths and the Smiths says they want to sit with the Browns and don't mention the Jones, you can see why one President has been in the corner in the fetal position for the last three days. Pray for me.

4.. Oh my gosh, I love Snapchat. I realize I have reached a crossroad with my friend. I now patiently answer questions about what else Olivia Newton John has done as I beg her to show me how to make me look like an aviator on Snapchat. Now that's a true friendship.

5. Booked my flight to NYC for my first travel for the Association of Junior League International. I can't believe I had to wait to my 40's to say. Oh, I have to travel to NYC for two days at the end of the month for work. (Hairflip)

Overheard: Well, if Caitlyn Jenner wanted to come to the SHB, would you allow her? -to a crazy cant cut the apron strings mother who threatened to sue my organization because no moms are allowed.

Can't Stop: Watching Grease Live. I am on time three and will watch it again today. I have cried and clapped like a person who should really get more sleep.

Thankful: For self employment and this medicine that has kept the cough out of my chest (although it makes me a little cranky)

Tomorrow's Goal:

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