Dreams do come true

Greetings from the greatest city on the planet!!! I'm writing you from the Long Island Railroad, DNCE in my ears (obsessed by the way) on my way into the concrete jungle. I'm indeed challenging the whole city that doesn't sleep as I'm on a 530 am train.

I have to be in the office by 8:45. Did you hear what I said? I am working in the city today!!! It only took 42 years and here I am the urbandite I have created in my own head. Of course I'm having a little anxiety because my luggage is in the aisle, but thankfully it's light.

OH IT'S FREAKING POURING!!!!!!  That's the epitome of life huh... but I'm not gonna let anymore rain on my parade... today is gonna be a great day and I'm excited to sit in an office for the first time in years oh and I get to have some avocado toast.... Who is luckier than me?!

I'm staying in the financial district. Although this is very near to my favorite landmark South Street Seaport , I don't know too much about the area... so a little 630 exploring is on agenda. After coffee of course. From a bodega.

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