Balls, Dreams and Speeches.

Good Chilly Lazy Sunday!

Last night , the daddy daughter dance that the Junior League of Daytona Beach holds annually went off with very little fire chasing! I made one table mistake from 920 people so I consider that a win. Of course, the mistake was made with one very high maintenance father who really gave me a hard time. Better me, than one of the volunteers I guess. Sometimes people surprise me, complete loss of what is front of them. Getting angry over something like this is ridiculous... but there is one every year.

I was insanely busy most of the afternoon, and it occurred to me that...shit...I have to speak. Shit! So while the first guests were rolling in, I was scribbling furiously on a notepad. It actually went pretty great. Just a little intimidating...I had a lot of friends in the crowd. I can address 1000 strangers but throw some friends in the mix, it is a little nerve wrecking. But I got off the stage and did that little Veronica Corningstone fist shake in my head. Yes! Yes! Nailed it!

 It's interesting the Sweetheart Ball is the very day that our adoption journey began. I woke up that Saturday morning three years ago after my fifth failed IUI and received a phone call that my oldest friend had miscarried at 12 weeks.  With tears streaming down my face, I called my best friend on the way to the Sweetheart Ball and told her I don't want to do it anymore...I want to start looking down the adoption road, What do I do?… Probably weird that I would talk to her before my husband but she had gone through the journey and could give me the best advice.

The next morning I took my husband to breakfast and asked him what he thought. That's the weird thing about relationships, it's first come love then comes marriage then comes the baby carriage...but when that baby carriage doesn't come, what then? I sat across from him realizing we never had this conversation...what if he like other husbands I know that want nothing to do with adoption. Luckily, he was on board and we began our journey. Bittersweet day....but I'm glad I have an AHA moment, when we are finally blessed it will be a great story to tell our son or daughter. The good parts only of course.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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