What is Wrong With The World Today-The Pope Edition

Disclaimer: This is very ranty! 

I will first say that I embrace religious freedom. I understand that you are free to worship any spirit, God, etc. But I wonder if you agree, that no matter what religion you are, having Pope Francis visit the United States is kind of a big deal, Pope Francis’ visit will be the tenth time a pope has made an apostolic journey to the United States and it has been 7 years since we have had such visit. 

Although, admittedly I haven't set foot in a physical mass in quite some time, this visit has really renewed the faith in a lot of us. My friend Joe put it like this: "Perfect view of 5th and 56th yesterday for the arrival of his holiness. Energy and vibe in the city ( for the most part ) was unlike anything I have felt there in a really long time . Absolutely a VERY special day for the best city in the world !"

Even the New York Post is on board.

I am really bummed at our millennials that just don't get it. There was a lot of negative chatter and political rhetoric on social media that was disrespectful, and would have my Italian grandmother come out of the grave and choke you with her rosary. I am sad that people aren't taking the time to tell their children the importance of these people and the respect that must be given. Not so much the Pope, but the Dali Lama and other personal heroes. It is completely lost on today's society. Even the President of the United States....no, he shares none of my beliefs but he is the leader of my free world and I should respect that. People wonder why there is no respect for authority or law enforcement. It starts somewhere, and it is at home. Enjoy Scandal, you little twit.

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