That's What Makes Me So Nice

I think if I do nothing well, I have to learn to be a nice person in business. I assure you that I am but I want to make a huge conscious effort to be kind to other women in business that face the same battle that I do when they work for themselves. This effort is genuine, I just want to work on continuing to create the habit so that others may think and pay it forward. It is the right thing to do to tell another woman that they are killing it in their craft. They need to hear it, they need to be empowered, and more people need to recognize their efforts.

Luckily, FINALLY there are a bunch of women that are striking gold in our little Daytona beach area. It was getting lonely just Nada and I (ha ha she reads my blog now). I spent the weekend taking stock of the local Nice Girls and will continue to focus energy there, instead of the mean girls who look for nothing better than to drag down, instead of lift up.

The list of the area's Most Influential Women is coming out soon but I am creating my own list of ladies that will take this area by storm. That list, although is nice to be on...doesn't really have a pulse on the entrepreneurial spirit that I am talking about.

"That's What Make Me So Nice" is my favorite quote in the play Wicked. It is nice to be nice. Won't you join me?

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