Farewell Summer, You Were Terrible

I can't really decide if these posts are therapeutic, narcissistic or just completely self serving. So many things have happened the last couple of months, I am a little terrified, that the Lifetime movie that is my life will lose some of its emotion and I will forget the intimate details and how I truly felt at this time.  On the upside, when we do finally become parents yes, these feelings will go far far away. Though, a little part of me wants to keep this empty feeling as close to me as possible so I will never forget and it will keep me strong (and maybe a little bit of a better writer). 

So here we are three months later, and today a new season began. If you have no idea why I would like the summer of 2015 to sod off, please see here. With each new season brings new beginnings and maybe the fact that Fall is my favorite will bring us some luck. We are still on our journey, with some hopefuls, followed by astonishing shitshow chain of events with each one more crazy than the other. Have I mentioned the system is completely flawed? But undaunted we push on and dodge the bombs that have been thrown our way over these last three months. 

This week has been interesting. Not that I think that everything is all about me, but there are people out there that suck at math way more than I could ever could. I said we were due in June. It is the end of September. Anyone see a baby? So why are you asking me how said child is? Three different  times this week. I know I am being a little mean, but seriously, its a lot to smile brightly and tell the three sentence story. My favorite one was my mail lady, full of good intention saw me cleaning the garage and asked how my nesting was coming along? Not much longer now, she said, huh! I guess she saw the Enfamil samples in the mailbox and forgot the golden rule of assumption. Its full of innocence but it certainly doesn't hurt any less. I also think that is illegal for her to remember what it is in my mail, ha ha! 

Thanks to Bealls, Target and Macys for letting me take back newborn girl clothes (twice), then toddler and infant clothes and then newborn boy clothes back with no questions. That back room that still remains shut, now resembles one hell of a pop up store. Sadly, I am in no mood to be philanthropic and donate what I have because instead of being gifted, I picked every thing out myself, love it all very much and hold on to hope that when this happens, I will be so so ready! 

Thanks to my gorgeous loving friends. God I love them so much. They have been such a great source of strength for me.  

Bring it Fall! We are ready! 

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