Fall Bucket List

I was reading yesterday on my Lazy Labor Day, on Pop Sugar their Fall Bucket List. Sometimes if you put it on paper (or on a screen) it will come to fruition.

1. Stay Inspired. Sometimes its hard when you lose your way. You get busy and you wake up and its September.

2. Buy a pair of great pair of boots. My husband likes when I wear boots, yet I have only one or so pairs. I am coveting these Tory Burch ones!

3. Speaking of fashion, I am gonna make a serious effort to get back to being fashionable instead of comfortable and frumpy. Its so hard to do when you work for yourself and at home and its chilly out.

4. Very excited to do some more big city big minded stuff with The High Heel Coalition. My very sweet friend Rina and I are going to do this project to kick off the new year.  I think that people are gonna be really into it and its for a great cause!  Tickets are now on sale!

5. Remember that this to shall pass. With each new season brings new hope blah blah blah. Oh and believing the prophetic crap that you write. That would be on the top of my bucket list every season.

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