Summertime and the Cocktails are Easy

We are in official summer mode and it's time to get your cocktails for the season. Like I told you earlier this year, I am obsessed with Bungalow 23 mixers! Not only are the owners Florida based but each ingredient is hand selected for optimal taste using real fruit instead of flavorings!

Bungalow 23: FABI award-winning Bungalow 23 premium cocktail mixers are full of fresh fruit purees, real fruit juices and homemade extracts made from fresh cut herbs. Bungalow 23 concentrates creating a naturally balanced yet complex cocktail.  Bungalow 23’s creative, all-natural flavors have a unique, but approachable taste profile.  Their three flavors are Blueberry Lemon Drop, Pear Ginger Martini and Prickly Pear Margarita.

Bungalow 23 is full of fresh fruit purees, real fruit juices and homemade extracts made from fresh cut herbs; each ingredient is hand-selected for optimal taste. These craft cocktail mixers contain premium ingredients such as blueberries grown in the fertile soil of Oregon's Willamette Valley, pears picked from Washington's Wenatchee Valley, prickly pears harvested from California's Salinas Valley, agave from Mexico and lavender from France. Each of Bungalow 23’s creative, all-natural flavors has a unique, but approachable taste profile:

Blueberry Lemon Drop: Visually stunning with a deep indigo-purple hue, the Blueberry Lemon Drop possesses unprecedented complexity and balance. A velvety texture emphasizes the dark, ripe fruit. Fresh, juicy lemons balance the cocktail and deliver a refreshingly crisp finish. Lavender and lemongrass combine to add complexity and provide rich, earthy undertones.

Pear Ginger Martini: Fresh and elegant, this fruit forward cocktail finishes with a kick of spice offered up by the fresh ginger root. Lemons and lemongrass brighten and enhance the taste of pear and ginger while adding depth to this well balanced cocktail. Just enough sugar is added to balance the lemons and to allow the natural flavors to shine through.

Prickly Pear Margarita: Vivid persimmon in color, this refreshing cocktail exhibits aromas of lime peel and fresh herbs. On the palate, bright citrus of fresh limes and oranges balances the prickly pear’s flavors of watermelon and berries. Blue agave nectar softens the tang, while adding richness and depth. A hint of cilantro provides an unexpected earthiness on the finish.

You can find Bungalow 23: Online | Facebook | Instagram | In stores

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