Friday Five-Five Favorite Summer Fruits/Veggies

Today I linked up with Eat, Pray, Run DC and You Signed Up for What, and Mar on the Run for this fun Friday Five.

The theme this week is Five Favorite Summer Fruits/Veggies!

Summer means awesome summer cooking!
My five faves? 

1. Avocado, I could eat this recipe every day.

2. Strawberries. Because Nutella.  

3. Plum Tomatoes, I HATE raw tomatoes on sandwich...but I love bloodys, ketchup, tomato soup and I was taught two Mother's Day ago by my aunt how to can plum will never go back! Trust me! 

4. Watermelon, if you haven't combined feta, watermelon, basil and haven't lived and we can't be friends.  

5. Grilled Romaine. I could actually do this in February, December, May, understand what I mean....but it's amazing and you need to do it ASAP! This was my first attempt a year ago, angels sang!

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1 comment:

  1. yummy! i'm a fan of anything on the grill :) thanks for linking up!