The High Heel Coalition Launches First Event with Sold Out Attendance

I am a very happy girl this morning! One of my favorite bloggers and authors, Kimberly Wilson in 2006 hosted a Chari-TEA and when I was chosen as one of her guest editors for her latest book Anthology  I was reminded of her event and thought what a great idea it would be if I could pull it off.

I had an idea of The High Heel Coalition, but sadly at first just the name and the logo..not a clue what I wanted to do with it. It occurred to me that our town in Volusia County could use an extra boost in fun events like Chari-TEA and other unique non-profit events. Ah! An idea and a plan! New venture launched!

The first event was yesterday, a Chari-TEA to benefit Dining For Women. It was held at Mia Dona's market, which is an adorable luncheonette that I wrote about here, run by the most generous soul Dona Olsen who graciously opened on a Saturday for us.

The response was overwhelming, it sold out in a week and we raised some serious cash for the cause! This makes for a great Saturday. Off to write Thank yous! Have a great Sunday!

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