Shop Local for Holiday Cocktails with Bungalow 23 Mixers

As much as I love my wine, when I have to start looking to setting down and stop carbing like a crazy person, I turn to my other sister from another mista-vodka! Yeah! But what to mix with vodka? So many options, but I recently was introduced by Megan and the Hyatt Regency Orlando something that is going on my shelf, ASAP. Bonus, its locally owned! 

Rick Ferrone and Chris Henderson, two entrepreneurs out of Orlando, recently launched a line of craft cocktail mixers called Bungalow 23, "The cocktail mixer hand crafted for premium spirits". These mixers make it simple to enjoy a hand crafted cocktail at home. What sets these mixers apart from all the others is the word fresh. No concentrates and nothing artificial found here. Bungalow 23 is made from fresh fruit purees, real fruit juices, and homemade extracts using fresh cut herbs.

Bungalow 23 currently has three flavors on the market; Prickly Pear Margarita, Blueberry Lemon Drop and the holy grail- Pear Ginger Martini.

Hyatt Regency Orlando now featured Bungalow 23 mixers and has a great craft cocktail menu to pear with them...get it? 

We tried two delicious concoctions with Ginger Pear Martini and Lemon Sapphire (we cheated and swapped out one wants to see us on gin, trust us!)

You can find Bungalow 23: Online | Facebook | Instagram | In stores

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