A Piece of Heaven at The Spa at Hyatt Regency Orlando

I had a nice little birthday treat with Megan yesterday! Massages at The Spa at the Hyatt Regency Orlando Hotel. Located on the Pool level of the Regency Tower, a visit to The Spa was just what this girl needed for some relaxing. 

I chose the 80 minute Relaxation Massage, because usually my massages are sadly medicinal...to fix this or that. I truly wanted a chance to relax! Well, relax to the best of my ability. The Spa is open seven days a week, 365 days a year....when I lamented how it must not be that great to work on the holidays, my massage therapist Kym thoughtfully explained that massage therapy is a gift and therapists think of it as such. Good Point! 

My Relaxation Massage, described as the classic of massage therapy – a variety of pressure, speed and stimulation encourages muscle relaxation and renews a sense of wellbeing....was heavenly. The rooms were spacious, the massage table was high tech (it reminded me of my zero gravity bed) and the experience was just divine. All of the massages that The Spa offers are listed on their website here.

Some massage tips I think are helpful:

1. Be on time, do whatever you can to not come rushing in at the last minute. You don't need the extra stress and this cuts into your time! 

2. Eat light before you come. It will make for a better experience. 

3. Drink water. Lots and lots of water. I mean, a TON of water...wanna feel like you have the flu? Disregard this tip. No, really...drink drink drink!

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