Quit Together. Win Together. Great American Smokeout is this Week!

It may surprise you that I was quite the cigarette smoker in my day. I was a weird social, but worse really smoker. I didnt smoke all day every day, but basically if I was driving in my car, the first instinct was light up and get my smoke on. There was a 7/11 in both directions, one that was on the way to work, one that was closer in the opposite direction, if I started the morning without a cigarette stash, I would go in the opposite direction to get them. This wasn't my shining moment.

One day, I caught a cold, then bronchitis and then pneumonia...boom...boom...boom. Based on my fabulous history with cigarettes, I had NO breath capacity. So, the very next day I quit and never looked back. I will say that it wasn't the easiest to do, but I would think about how I felt with such a shortness of breath it made my journey a LOT easier! I think of sometimes what a terrible runner I would be if I continued that nasty habit! 

That is my short story, but now I see cigarette smoking in a totally new light. Let's be honest. It is insanely trashy. Not to be unkind, but no sophisticated business women stops her meeting to go smoke. And you smell. bad. It's gross. 

Luckily the American Cancer Society has a kinder approach to assist you in stop smoking. Why not give it a shot on a day when you have some much communal support! November 20 marks the American Cancer Society’s 38th year of the Great American Smokeout (GASO), an initiative to encourage smokers to commit to quit or make a plan to quit on that day. By quitting, even for one day, smokers will take a critical step to a healthier life that can reduce the risk of cancer. 

This year's GASO theme is “Quit Together. Win Together.” It wants you to share what you can win (e.g., easier breathing, whiter teeth, money in pocket) when you quit smoking. On their website, they have so many great resources to encourage you towards this great goal of being a non smoker!  

Want more info? Visit the Great American Smokeout website, call the GASO 800-number (1-800-227-2345), and like the Quit for Life Facebook page.

This post represents a sponsored editorial partnership with the American Cancer Society. All storytelling and opinions are, of course, my own.

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