Journey Begins Now

So, this is kind of exciting because I am gonna take advantage of there are still some of my local friends who don't know what a blog is, so I am not sure exaaaaccccccccctttttttttllly locally will read this, but guess what you all! We have started our adoption journey and baby its rolling along! All puns intended.

It's National Adoption Month and I am wrapping my head around it all and like always it most definitely will come out of my fingers onto this platform. How mad will my sister be that she doesnt get my blog on a regular basis! Cause we have only told three maybe four people of our progress! We meaning me of course!

I will update you on some promising news that we received this week but I am now trying to get in the gear of not sitting in the corner and rocking for eight months due to information overload. Because I bet there is adoption blogs I should be reading and following, huh. And boards maybe. And things to google...I am surprised my computer hasn't exploded for all the things that I have googled during my fertility treatment! I wanted to tell you first. Onwards to the long road, we are ready!

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