Friday Five-Five Ways to Stay on Track and Healthy During the Holidays

Today I linked up with Eat, Pray, Run DC and You Signed Up for What, and Mar on the Run for this fun Friday Five.

Today, its time to talk about five ways to stay on track / healthy during the holidays. Its so hard! For one thing, isn't so easy to just crawl into your sweats and eat all day every day? Or is it just me!

1. Get a buddy! Makes things so much easier when you are responsible for another person. When you make a commitment to get up and walk in the colder AM, guilt sets in when you want to bail and get back into that cozy warm bed.

2. Pay close attention to websites like Skinnytaste and La La Loosh, two of my favorite skinny recipe blogs. If you cook smartly, you will stay within your zone and maintaining will be easy.

3. Eat before you go to the parties, nothing is worse for your well being than not eating and then drinking a whole bunch and snacking inappropriately. Make a plan and keep yourself on a schedule so this doesn't happen. Because being drunk and hangry? It aint pretty.

4. Keep motivated by your winter wear. Like I said, and am incredibly guilty of-sweats are easy to get lazy in! Keep buying those leggings, and svelte holiday dresses. You will think more about the moment on the lips mentality, I promise you!

LOVE these boots! Credit:Pinterest
5. I know Eggnog SOUNDS good...but dear God the calories, why not drink champagne instead? Always a celebratory cheers!

Holiday Cocktail - Champagne, cranberry juice, raspberries, and mint!

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1 comment:

  1. I'm not a huge eggnog fan but LOVE champagne! The photo with the raspberries is giving me some great ideas for the holiday fun! Thanks for linking up!