Farm to Table Dinner For A Great Cause!

My friends at Mia Dona Market and Hull's Seafood are getting together and hosting a Farm to Table dinner at Tomazin Farms to help a young lady with her battle against Lyme Disease.

Amanda's family and friends are uniting to raise funds to help with her battle against Lyme Disease.

Please support this precious family!

Amanda Tomazin was diagnosed with Lyme Disease over two years ago. It has been a battle from the beginning for her and her family since so little is truly known about this disease. Although Amanda looks so healthy and happy, she is actually literally wasting away from the inside out. Lyme Disease is known as a silent epidemic right now. Those who suffer from it seem "normal" but that is not the case. Lyme disease affects every aspect of your life. It also is very easy to misdiagnose.

That being said, multiple doctors visits, including those across country, have done little to help slow the progress or help to stop it. Her parents have been working hard to try and provide the support and find the resources to provide a cure. At this time, they are looking to seek assistance at a facility in Idaho that specializes in natural therapy treatments. It seemed to work when they took Amanda there over a year and a half ago but it is costly. And this is where you can help.

Please consider supporting the Tomazin family during this time of great need. Travel expenses, including but not limited to plane fare, car rental and hotel stays need to be covered. Due to the nature of the treatment, Amanda has special dietary needs and a hotel with a kitchen is necessary for food preparation. In addition, due to her being so weak from the disease, she needs to travel in a wheel chair, which is another consideration when making arrangements for a place to stay. She is light and sound sensitive, which is also an additional challenge. Please pass along to anyone you think might be able to provide assistance. But above everything, please pray that The Lord would be gracious and release Amanda from this silent, horrible disease.

Support Amanda here and buy your tickets to this great charitable experience here.

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