What I Learned in Year Four of Being A Business Owner

Where does the time go? I am starting my FIFTH year being in business!! Holy! Am I swinging that percentage of not failing yet?! As I like to do, like I did First and Second (I don't know why I forgot the Third!) I wanted to check in with myself and you on what I learned in the last year.

After reading the two blogs above, I am a little surprised that not much has changed, I still deeply believe in all those life lessons owning a business has gifted me.

Like, I still can't believe I am pulling this off...when does this waiting for the other shoe to drop feeling STOP? Seriously, when? I have oodles of self confidence, but why am I still waiting for something not to work. As I am knocking every piece of wood in the house.

This year, I can't say I got any bigger, but I think I have made peace with myself that this is what makes me happy...steady, not dear God I am buried work. Yes, the potential is there to double (or more) my income, but what kind of life does that leave me? I am just not interested. Trust me, I make a very blessed income....but money doesn't motivate me as much as having my sanity on a consistent basis. I worked for ten years selling advertising STRESSING over the bottom dollar every second of ever day and even thinking of it still makes me queasy. And isn't it fun to go walk the bridge on a beautiful day just because you can?

I feel VERY SORRY for people that are only motivated my money....the people that would stab their own to get ahead. Don't worry darling, your visit to the Karma Cafe is coming soon-where there are no menus and you are served what you deserve.

That was my most important lesson this year...I became a little more comfortable with people who are just nasty people. People who don't pay you, who have bad work ethics, people who don't pay you, ha ha ....etc. Some of the stuff rolls right off of me, but some still aggravates me to no end. This year with some experience behind me has given me a little courage to go get that money...or to remind some of my clients who get sold a line of bull and goes somewhere else, that I don't take clients back on attrition. You go, you are gone. Pretty sure my 2010 self is looking at me in amazement!  

One thing I will continue to work on is the Work smarter, not harder mentality...I will constantly tweak my systems to make my business better. I just read a great article about spring (or fall) cleaning your freelance business without spending a penny, consistent little hacks to make you more efficient...I am all for that!

Lastly, a goal in year five is to hold my dears close and set free those don't benefit me...I am speaking of clients, peers, etc. What is stopping me from working with only people that appreciate me?

What is your go to business advice or learning lessons? Do you check in with yourself on a yearly basis? Im curious!

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