Three Ways To Will In Fall Even In Florida

I am on Facebook today, looking at my cousin, my aunt and my godchild at the NY City Ballet. I am insanely jealous, not only because I miss my family, but look at the outfits. I am sorry, is that a scarf? Tights? A wool skirt? Do they actually look chilly?
My god, I went to the Artisan Alley Event in Deland and almost died of heavation! It is still hitting ninety degrees on a daily basis.
So, as any good Florida girl waits for the 4 days of fall that may come sometime in November or so, I have to find someway to bring Fall to me:

Shopping for Fall 
When I was in NYC last September, I was walking along in Soho (this makes me sound cooler than I am) and I stumbled along Kismetry at a sidewalk fair near St. Anthony's. She had the line AngelRox and I am obsessed. I have bought THREE opera sleeves and I had an amazing brown cardigan. HAD. HAD. HAD. I have never lost anything in my life, and guess what-I think it walked away. So I sucked it up and bought a grey one and I wore it all last season. I love the cotton blend and the thumb holes. I will be buying online and so should you if you can't get to the Big Apple. Because they will be at the Bryant Square Holiday Market. And I won't be. Cue Crocodile Tears.

Drinking Your Tea It has come to my attention that I will be booking my trip to NYC after this blog post. Because, another thing I have done to will in Fall is to order some of David's Teas. You see, I went to NYC (DUH) in December last year for my birthday and we stayed in the West Village three doors down from this place called David's Tea. What is this you ask? Its like a crack store for tea lovers. It has added to the list of Ikea and H+M for me that I MUST touch everything and buy anything within its four walls. My husband said I spent more time in there than anywhere during our trip. They just released some Fall inspired teas. Get it!

Oh, Pumpkin! Of course, Fall means pumpkin of any kind! One of my favorite new pumpkin items is pretty magical. Thomas'® Pumpkin Spice English Muffins and bagels. These are limited edition so I urge you not to delay! Made with real pumpkin, spices and cinnamon, you'll love the comforting aroma of toasting pumpkin English Muffins or bagels in your kitchen. It smells like fall, even in Florida. Make sure you pair this with yummy butter and a good cream cheese. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and on the web, fair warning-don't go hungry! Where shall you find your pumpkin goodness? Go here and find out!

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