Ritz Fresh Stacks-For The Busy

After Megan's wedding, I have resumed to careful but not crazy wedding diet measures. It is important for me to eat healthy and not mindlessly eat. I find that I get so busy that I look up from my computer and its after 1p and I haven't had anything but my third cup of tea. Working from home is interesting like that-you don't have anyone to remind you in your office that it is time for lunch, unless you count my two cats who are always wanting more food in their bowl.  I have been relying on RITZ Crackers to help my snack cravings with new RITZ Fresh Stacks – a more convenient size of America’s favorite flaky, buttery cracker.

Of course, who doesn't love Ritz and their buttery awesomeness? This new packaging makes me just aimlessly eat the whole box. A little more than two servings (each RITZ Fresh Stacks package contains 13 crackers), RITZ Fresh Stacks is a versatile addition to any quick lunch and makes snacking quick and easy. Try the Original, Whole Wheat and Everything flavors for a great taste that both kids and adults will like.

If you get stuck how to make your Ritz, hop on over to their Pinterest boards. Check out Ritz on Facebook and share how RITZ Fresh Stacks snacking fun. Here is my favorite,
RITZ Honey Wheat crackers topped with slices of Granny Smith apples, brie cheese, and toasted walnuts. Drizzle some honey for extra sweet taste!

Lastly, here a compliment for you, courtesy of Ritz-you are welcome!

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