Making The Most of Your Waxing Experience

I'm not gonna lie, this is one of the not so fun things about being a girl. Even though we have to be very very diligent during the summer, with the seasons changing, don't FALL back into bad habits. (See what I did there?) May I suggest always an ibuprofen or two and some of these great helps from completely bare.

You can decide to do it yourself (I do for the smaller areas) or trust your waxing guru for the oh so fun bikini/brazilian and eyebrows. My girl Donna at Skinn Waxing is the best hands down waxer in Daytona Beach, or in all of the land for that matter. Whichever route you decide, be sure to run by Ulta or order Ulta online these great products for a pain free waxing experience.

NEW Wax on the Go-Go is a perfectly portable travel kit, complete with no heat, easy to use wax strips for face and bikini.

Don't Grow There moisturizes with Shea Butter and reduces hair growth and density for soft, smooth skin.

Not Feeling It will keep your skin cool and numb before and after waxing and shaving.

Ready Set Wax is your complete at-home hair removal arsenal for flawless results. This kit comes complete with custom shaped wax strips for face, body and bikini.

Ok, now that you have smooth skin, how about some smooth hair?

blowpro blow back time, anti-aging density spray mini has full spectrum UVA/UVB protection in the perfect, on the go travel size

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