Five Reasons to Run (at all)

Today I linked up with Eat, Pray, Run DC and You Signed Up for What, and Mar on the Run for this fun Friday Five

Happy Friday! This morning, there is absolutely no heat in the air. I think we are finally getting some fall like mornings. This makes for the PERFECT running weather. I've told you before that I am not a big fan of running in very hot or very cold temps so this is right up my alley. It will be nice to get back in the swing of things. This Friday Five is easy for me, because there are so many reasons to run. 

1. Amazing Attitude Adjuster-If you had a bad day, or you feel off-grab those running shoes and take a jaunt. I promise you will feel better. When you run, you force your body to exert excess energy and hormones. Bad stuff out, good stuff in.  You will find that after only a few minutes of running, your brain will start to secrete hormones that naturally improve your mood.

2. Time to figure the world out-I think a lot when I run, I hold conversations with myself and try to solve the world's problems one at a time. It keeps my mind off when I am ready to stop going another 1/2 mile. 

3. Drink that Pumpkin Latte, eat that cake. Not in excess, of course, but you burn a great amount of calories when you take your jaunt! So, the moment on the lips lifetime on your bum mentality can be relaxed just a wee bit if you get that heart rate up.

4. Achieve Internal Goals. I am insanely competitive with myself when I run, I am sure this is annoying but I post my graph on Instagram and Twitter when I run to keep myself accountable. I know if I am going slow, I am not going out like a fool-I need to pick it up. I am surprised how hard I am on myself. 

5. Music Music Ooh Ooh-NOTHING matches great jams than a good run. My running playlist makes me sad if I listen to it when I am not running. It is a nice mix of old school rap and new pop jams. And yes, sometimes I sing. Loudly. Actually, I always feel bad when I am running past those cute walking senior citizens and there is 

For once some of the facts mentioned isn't drivel from my head, I found them here.

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  1. OK, the thing about your running playlist making you sad when you're not running KILLED me because this is SO ME and I was sure I was the only one! Hilarious! In fact, if even one song from there pops up on the radio or in some other context, I have to turn it off. So weird! Great post!

  2. Love your blog name-so cute! Great reasons to run #FridayFive

  3. Oh I love those pumpkin lattes. I would only be able to enjoy them if I completed a long run. -L

  4. running really is the best attitude adjuster!

  5. All great reasons to run, particularly the attitude adjuster.