Friday Five: Five Things to love about Summer

Today I linked up with Eat, Pray, Run DC and You Signed Up for What, and Mar on the Run for this fun Friday Five

This week's theme is Five Things To Love About Summer!! Living in Florida where it is always Haiti Hot, the summer love comes in waves.

1. I love the recipes in summer that make sense. As much as I love good old fashioned comfort food, little stands up to a delicious summer salad or grilled anything.

2. Running for me in the summer isn't the most ideal, but it is when I do it the most at dawn.

3. A good day with pool and friends and cocktails can never be beat!

4. I tend to give myself a little more of a break during the summer as an employer. I don't technically take vacations because I always have to prep and prepare but sometimes in a middle of a Tuesday, I will say cussword it and throw on my suit for a swim...just because I can. This goes for day drinking. Way better in the summer.

5. Big Brother. of course you know I am obsessed but also know that once summer hits three months of BB is not too far behind!

So what do you love about summer?

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  1. YES TO BIG BROTHER!!!!! I am such a fan but super annoyed at these houseguests right now! and say no more about the pool and cocktails with friends.

  2. O my, my parents are addicted to Big Brother. I don't watch it I don't want summer to end!