How To Organize Your Handbags for $2

My friend Heather from The Etiquette Seed was sweet enough to quote the one saying I will go to my grave screaming-

#HandbagEtiquette A wise woman once made an interesting observation: A HANDBAG is something you carry as an accessory. A PURSE is something you do with your lips. #LittleBlogDress

To say that I have a penchant for handbags is like saying Kate plus 8 likes to birth babies, as I wont spend much on shoes, I blink very little at handbag prices. I have been salivating on the Louis Fill All and really am thinking of how I can pull this off, as it is a mortgage payment. Anyway. purse storage is impossible unless you have a Mariah Carey size closet. BUT!!!! I have the found the perfect solution, I am so giddy from this awesomeness, I may go buy another handbag because I clearly now have so much freaking room! 

Like Carrie Bradshaw said, and I just squealed at my husband-

And now I can, and you can too! I went to the dollar store bought shower rings for a dollar apiece and BOOM!

Come on robbers, come and get me!

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