Friday Five: Friday Favorites

Today I linked up with Eat, Pray, Run DC and You Signed Up for What, and Mar on the Run for this fun Friday Five

This week's theme is Friday Favorites!! 

First off, I can not believe it is Friday! This week flew by! But it has been a good one! 

Begin Again
If you have not seen this movie, I implore you run, not walk into your theater and catch it. I went with my two girlfriends, one who is not a Keira fan. But bless her, she came anyway and I think she liked it! I LOVED it!
1. Set in NY, any movie that makes me want to leave the theater and go straight to the airport is my favorite.

2. It was based on the life of an A/R record rep....and it was spot on. 

3. Adam Levine did a really good job, for his first big film! I was impressed.

4. Great soundtrack and great great story. 

Yes, I will be taking a quint jaunt to the only tropical island that will afford me on Thursday for Megan's bachelorette party. We will be leaving on Thursday and back on Sunday. It has been a couple of years since I have been so yeah! How the hell will I be able to deal with no email?

Cheers to My Health!
This week marks SIX years of my brain thingy (also known as a shunt placement due to hydrocephalus). When I think how much I have learned since this crossroad was shoved in front of makes me really happy and a little emotional.

Praying for a Pinterest No Fail
I have been looking to do this project for a couple of weeks now. When I attended my first oil painting class, yes it is of Picasso quality-but in the wrong color scheme. So I am gonna do this, with my favorite saying (yet to be decided), what do you think?? My sister is having a heart attack that I am ruining my painting but I think it will be cool!

No Agenda Weekend
This is my favorite kind, I literally have one thing I HAVE to do this weekend!! The rest is all me. It actually started today when I got up. I zipped through work and found I was done by 7a, went to the gym, worked on a couple of to dos....watched two hours of Big Brother, TOOK A NAP...holy cow, and now I write to you. I plan on lots of organizing writing and catching up on life, how about you?

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  1. I had off today so I caught up on Big Brother today too! I am obsessed with the show! Haha

  2. Love a good no agenda weekend! So nice to spend time doing what you want. Enjoy!

  3. I had never heard of this movie! But it looks nice, so I'm going to put it on my To Watch List. Thanks for the tip!

  4. i really like mark ruffalo so i may have to check that out. have fun on your trip -- i'm sure it will be awesome!