World Traveler Themed Bridal Shower

If you are just coming to the party (see what I did there) I am an event planner by simply trade. I LOVE throwing bashes!! I wish I could recreate my wedding every day! I laugh when people call me crafty, I am just a professional on Etsy and Pinterest and go from there. It is so much fun to plan something and have it come out of your head onto a party. When it was time to plan our favorite Megan's bridal shower, I was giddy. 

She suggested a World Traveler theme, to go along with her honeymoon in England, France and Italy. So for a couple of weeks, her bridesmaids and her mom and I went to work. Here are some of the things we came up with! Hope you like them! The most fun was going thrifting for different pieces of china to fancy it up a little!! 

That tea set? $7!!! 

chalboard stickers and white chalk pen are my new BFF

This is my soon to famous vodka recipe!

London is Always A Good Idea Sign
London and Paris cupcake/finger sandwich toppers
London confetti-I used a 2"punch

Recipe Cards-she was wonderful, I sent her my recipe and she formatted it!

This was my only non home run-and in my defense it was midnight (and I was on bottle three) but I printed out this map and wrapped it around the C and threw a coat of Mod Podge on it. Let the record reflect T's are so much easier!

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  1. The appetizers were plentiful and the drinks flowed - no one went hungry or wanting from here, and the hourly charge for liquor (as opposed to by consumption) meant that our thirsty friends were satisfied without breaking our bank.

  2. My daughter was married at this wedding location venue and all our guests said that this is the most amazing wedding they've ever been too. I love the dark wood, the beamed ceilings, and the overall sort of great vibe of the building.