The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Orlando

Because we share a brain and I don't want to bore you repeating ourselves, I am gonna follow up Megan's blog, with a couple of my thoughts on our day in Orlando. What a great way to spend my girl's birthday! I have been friends with Megan since her 23rd birthday so it is always fun to spend her day with her.

My husband got to go too! I was really excited that he was able to come and the fact that Kevin Hart is one of our favorite comedians made it that much better. We got there early and spent the day in Orlando Citywalk...and by spending I mean hopping from bar to restaurant.  I haven't been to Universal Studios in a really long time and it was a great way to spend a day off.

Jimmy Fallon was stellar but what I was incredibly geeked out about was seeing The Roots in full effect. I love them and blink a bunch when people don't realize that this house gig isn't there first break into the big time. To school you quickly The Roots have been a well established band since the early 90's! Google it and be inspired! You are welcome!

Oh by the way, NBC-you didn't say I couldn't take pictures at the end until you said it after I took them. Sorry!!

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