Rants and Ravesssssss

Just A prattle! Nothing to see here! Here is what's happening in my neck of the woods....

1. Today is June 11th,two of my favorite people in the world who both live in LA and both are born today. My one favorite person has fallen off my radar...prob some girl or something but my other sweet darling friend, it makes my day to call him every year. 

I am so so lucky to have a career where in 1997 I was invited to go to dinner to meet this record's rep and his baby band for dinner in Orlando. Truth be told, I just wanted to meet the record rep who I spoke to for months without meeting. Well, as luck would have it these three boys would give me some of the best memories that one could imagine in her 20's, 30's and today. Lucky girl indeed. I have managed in all of lifes hubub to keep in touch with two of them on a pretty regular basis...but if nothing else BIG song singing on birthdays. 

2. In business ownership, every day is a learning experience. Today I had to challenge myself with a client who had run out of money. Instead of being honest, its so much easier to shift blame-isn't it? Most people expect you to bend till you break because the man is waiting back at the office for the order. Sad for you lady, I am the man...so thank you for the ride.

3. An era ended for me on Friday. After 19 years, not even a handshake wasn't even offered. Historically a tragedy, but this too shall pass.  Also a life lesson on who really matters, am thankful for the people that reached out...am contemplating the people that didn't...meaning, exactly what value they have on my special life? Insert hand washing emoji here!

4. Happier news, we get to see Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday and my child Megan is turning 35! WHAT THE HELLLL!!!!! How is this possible?! 

5. I am going to resurrect a really cool breast cancer project, I decided this morning! Wait and see!

6. Had lunch with a fellow colleague today, we got to talk shop and it was refreshing. 

7. Can I be honest? I really like working out. There. It is written.  

8. Someone may or not bought prescription Ray Ban Jackie O's today. Whoops.

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